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Drag attachments from Outlook directly to Web Applications

Outlook2Web v4.1.3 released 27th October 2016

How Outlook2Web Saves you Time

If you need to move attachments from emails in Outlook into browser based web applications, you know that the default process is painful. You have to get the files onto your filesystem, then drag them to your web application and then you need to delete the file from your filesystem.

Outlook2Web turns this all into a single, one step process. Just drag files directly from Outlook to your web browser.

Outlook2Web Features



Operating System Support

Outlook2Web works on all Windows versions since Windows XP including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Outlook Support

Outlook2Web works with all recent versionf of Outlook, including Outlook 2016, 2013, Outlook 2010 & 2007

Web App Support

Outlook2Web works with any web application that uses the HTML5 file upload spec. If you can drag files from the filesystem into the web application, Outlook2Web should work. We've tried it with a few popular web applications that we list below. Please do let us know about any other web apps you have tried.

Outlook2Web supports:


Outlook2Web is used in a range industries, including retail, IT, finance, oil & gass, healthcare, education and the public sector.

Our customers include:



One of those tools that saves you a few minutes every day, an hour a week, and a day or two a year. Really recommended.

Jason Albert

I've never understood why Outlook does not let you drag files to web applications. Finally a solution!

Fiona Elison

I spent my life working between Outlook and DeskPRO the helpdesk application - this tool makes my work so much quicker.

John Nevarez



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Use on up to 3 computers

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Command Line Installer Instructions

Outlook2Web can be installed from the command line to make large deployments simple to automate.